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Your career is important and so is the job and the pay check. If the gov’t is trying to revoke your security clearance – then its time to get the best professional legal help possible. Attorney Alan Edmunds is often called The Best Security Clearance Lawyer in the country. A recent perspective client from Florida who hired The Edmunds Law Firm did her homework. She found Attorney Edmunds has over 300 cases on the DOHA site and won an estimated 75% of those cases on behalf of his clients from across the country.

Alan EdmundsAttorney Alan Edmunds helps civilian and Active Duty Military deployed around the globe. With over 30 years of experience in military and security clearance law, Alan Edmunds wrote the book on how to win these cases. In fact he wrote two books for introduction to the security clearance process available through his web sites.

If you have questions about Response to SOR, Security Clearance Appeal or other issues such as Security Clearance Denial – call Attorney Edmunds at 800.481.2526. He has office locations on the East coast and West coast and a professional staff ready to help. Visit for more information.


Donald Trump Security Clearance Questions

The presidential bid by Donald Trump has raised several security clearance issues. There are those who tried to suggest he not receive national security clearance briefings prior to the election. Attorney Alan Edmunds, this country’s leading security clearance lawyer has been asked, what some of the concerns might be.

The Directive DoD 5220.6 that is used in security clearance applications by several government agencies has Guidelines that could raise a concern with Mr. Trump. Guideline B of the Directive according to Attorney Edmunds raises a possible concern in that the issue of Foreign Influence is an important government concern. Mr. Trump’s current wife Melania is Slovenian born and became a U.S. citizen 2006. If Melania still has relatives in a foreign country or owns property in a foreign country this could trigger a government concern.

Another concern raised in the directive is Guideline F: Financial Considerations In this Guideline the government would inquire into indebtedness, history of meeting financial obligations to determine if an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness is a concern.

Known as one of this country’s Best Security Clearance Lawyers, Alan Edmunds accepts clients across the country who are both Active Duty Military and civilian professionals. Call 800.481.2526 or visit

Client Distinction Award

Response To Statement of Reasons

The Edmunds Law Firm is this country’s leading provider for Responses to Statement of Reasons (SOR) on a national level. Attorney Edmunds appears across the country and posts his case victories on the law firm web sites for client review.

The Response to Statement of Reasons is very important. The Edmunds Law Firm can win the clearance at this early stage and does on many occasions.  Visit our websites to review cases won with just the Response.

Attorney Edmunds is aggressive in saving careers and client employment.
His experience and knowledge makes the difference.  Call 800 481 2526

Recent Favorable Decisions

Department of Hearing And Appeals (DOHA) Hearing
GUIDELINES E and F (Personal Conduct & Financial Considerations)
August 18, 2016
San Diego, California

A Contractor working as an Electrical Engineer for the U.S. Government received a Statement of Reasons for Financial issues and Personal Conduct issues. The financial debt total was over $170,000.00. The Personal Conduct Issue was falsifying the e-QIP, by failing to disclose debt. The Applicant requested a Hearing in front of an Administrative Judge. At the hearing, Mr. Edmunds presented numerous exhibits and mitigating documents which were crucial to the case. As a result, the Contractor received a favorable Security Clearance Determination. The knowledge and experience of Mr. Edmunds and his staff were crucial in providing the mitigating documents that were necessary to win this case. The Edmunds Law Firm saved this Contractor’s Security Clearance, and most importantly, the Contractor’s career was saved thanks to Mr. Edmunds and his professional staff.

Written Response to SOR
May 19, 2016
Guideline B – Foreign Influence

The Edmunds Law Firm received a favorable decision on a national security clearance case involving Guideline B – Foreign Influence! This victory for our client was achieved through a written Response to the SOR! Attorney Ryan C. Nerney wrote the Response to the SOR that alleged our client was not trustworthy because he had family contacts in Afghanistan! Attorney Nerney was able to present strong mitigation through various arguments to reduce the government’s concerns. Attorney Nerney filed evidence and statements that mitigated the concerns in the SOR and the clearance was granted without the time and expense of a formal Hearing.

DOHA (Hearing)
April 21, 2016
Guidelines B (Foreign Influence) and Guideline C (Foreign Preference)
Durham, North Carolina

A Statement of Reasons was issued to a Government Contractor by the Department of Defense, Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DODCAF) for Foreign Influence and Foreign Preference.  This Government Contractor requested a Hearing in front of an Administrative Judge, and the case was heard in December 2015.  Mr. Alan Edmunds represented this client, and provided evidence and testimony to the Judge at the hearing.  With the experience and knowledge of Mr. Edmunds, and the support of his staff, this case was in favor of the client.  As a result, the Government’s concerns were mitigated.  This Government Contractor’s security clearance was granted and most importantly, was able to continue with his career working for the Government.

DOHA (Hearing)
April 8, 2016
Guidelines E and K.
Caldwell, New Jersey

A Government Contractor received a Statement of Reasons for Personal Conduct and Handling Protected Information. The case was assigned to an Administrative Judge for a hearing. Mr. Edmunds represented this client, and provided evidence and testimony to the Judge at the hearing. As a result, the Government’s concerns were mitigated. This Government Contractor was able to maintain his security clearance and continue with his job.

DODCAF (Written Response)
Guideline F – 25 allegations
Guideline B
Boise, Idaho

A Federal Employee received a Statement of Reasons for Financial Allegations (Tax Lien’s, Unpaid Taxes, Collection Accounts Unpaid) and Foreign Influence (Working for a foreign family (Saudi Arabia). Mr. Edmunds and his staff responded the allegations listed in the Statement of Reasons through a professionally written response. After the Response was submitted and received by DODCAF, notification was received by The Edmunds Law Firm from the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals that stated: “due to the additional information provided regarding the allegations listed in the Statement of Reasons, the Government Withdraws the Statement of Reasons, and the Security Clearance is granted.” Another example of the professional services provided by The Edmunds Law Firm.

DODCAF – Response to Statement of Reasons
Citrus Heights, California
GUIDELINES E and F (Personal Conduct & Financial Considerations)
February 10, 2016

A Contractor working as an Auditor for the U.S. Government received a Statement of Reasons for Financial issues and Personal Conduct issues. The Statement of Reasons had over 15 allegations of Financial debt and Personal Conduct issues. The Financial debt total was over $40,000.00. The Personal Conduct issue was failure to address debt in the SF-86. Mr. Edmunds and his staff prepared a professionally written response to the Governments allegations. As a result of this written response, the Contractor received a favorable Security Clearance Determination.

Orlando, Florida
Guidelines E and H
January 2016

A Systems Engineer working as a Government Contractor for the Department of Defense, received a Statement of Reasons for Drug Involvement, and Personal Conduct. The Personal Conduct allegation was due to falsifying a Government document (SF-86). Mr. Alan Edmunds represented the Contractor at his hearing, and through testimony and the submission of exhibits, Mr. Edmunds was able to mitigate the Government’s concerns. As a result, the Judge issued a favorable decision. Once again, another career saved by Mr. Edmunds and his staff.

Written Response To SOR
September, 2015 – Wantage, New Jersey
Guideline E – Personal Conduct

The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of another favorable decision in a National Security Clearance case following a written submission to a Statement of Reasons commonly referred to as an SOR. The case involved a client who refused to sign a medical release form and was subsequently fired from his job. Edmunds Law Firm filed a Written Response to SOR with exhibits and a legal brief. The arguments that were presented mitigated all of the government concerns and our client was granted his security clearance without a formal hearing.

Security Clearance
Department of the Navy: Response to Statement of Reasons
Guideline F
September 2015

Applicant, an honorably discharged Navy veteran and loyal United States Citizen, was issued a Statement of Reasons due to serious financial considerations including bankruptcy, past due payments, collections and judgments totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. The Edmunds Law Firm, through a written response to the Statement of Reasons, mitigated the government’s concerns with Applicant’s financial considerations by proving the financial debts were caused by circumstances outside Applicant’s control. The favorable decision resulted in the Applicant’s security clearance being reinstated.

Security Clearance
DOHA: Reapplication Brief
Guidelines D and E
September 2015

Applicant was issued a Statement of Reasons for government’s concerns regarding his sexual behavior and personal conduct. For six years, Applicant viewed adult pornographic material on government computers while working for a government agency. When Applicant’s security clearance revocation was upheld after a hearing, attorney Alan Edmunds of the Edmund’s Law Firm successfully mitigated the government’s concerns in a reapplication brief. The favorable decision provided Applicant with Top Secret security clearance eligibility.

Ashley Madison & Your Security Clearance

The data leaks at the cheating web site Ashley Madison is creating serious problems for holders of national security clearances.  The DoD is taking this event as a possible threat to national security. This country’s leading security clearance lawyer, Alan Edmunds, is providing guidance to people involved with this issue and also discussing reporting requirements.

The concerns for the DoD is found in Guideline D: Sexual Behavior and Guideline E: Personal  Conduct of the Directive 5220.6 – clients need to know the implications.

Your security clearance is being reviewed on a continuous monitoring program by DoD. Data banks are being scanned on a regular basis. FSO’s are calling employees for interviews. Be careful!!

If you have concerns call 800 481 2526 and speak with Attorney Alan Edmunds . His law firm has coast to coast coverage for legal representation. Visit for more information.


Guideline C problems in Your SOR: What Does That Mean?

If you received a Statement of Reasons (SOR), you are pretty down in the dumps. Your security clearance is at risk of being denied or revoked. When you receive a Statement of Reasons, they will let you know exactly what is bothering them about giving you your security clearance. There are 13 different Guidelines. The Department of Defense (DOD) divided up their problems with your life into 13 neat categories all labeled with a letter. One of those problems fits in a category called Guideline C.

What do Guideline C Concerns Mean?

It means that the DOD is concerned you may prefer another country over America. I know it is hard to believe that any country is favorable to USA, but use your imagination. The DOD’s Guideline C concerns are that you will prefer a foreign country so much that your decision making will be compromised.

What Raises Guideline C Concerns?

  • having dual citizenship;
  • Exercising said citizenship by participating in their military, accepting benefits from them, holding office there, or voting in a foreign election;
  • Residing in a foreign country to gain citizenship;
  • Protecting your business or finances through a foreign country;
  • Trying to get foreign citizenship in any way;
  • Any statement or action that shows foreign preference;

What can I do about it if the DOD raises Guideline C issues?
In addition to calling a well-trained Security Clearance attorney, like those at the Edmunds Law firm, you can mitigate the allegations.

“How can I mitigate my dual citizenship?” you ask. You can show that the only reason you have it was because of your parent’s citizenship or because you were born in a foreign country. You could denounce your foreign citizenship. You could destroy your foreign passport. I mean, how bad do you want this clearance?

“How can I mitigate my exercise of foreign citizenship?” you ask. You might show that all that foreign nonsense took place before you became a US citizen or when you were a kid. If possible, it would be great if the US Government encouraged you to vote in the foreign election.

If Guideline C concerns are getting you down, don’t delay, call EDMUNDS LAW FIRM today and get the help you need before your security clearance gets revoked or denied.


What should I do if I am confused by the SF-86?

Being confused by the SF-86 (Standard Form 86) happens. It is a 17 page document, filled with minutia. To top it all off you just want to be done with the barrage of questions being hurled at you. Filling it out correctly means the difference between getting your security clearance and being denied and possibly sacrificing your career. The best thing to do if you are confused by the SF-86 is to call an attorney who specializes in security clearance law, like those at the Edmunds Law Firm. Going at that form on your own is taking your livelihood into your own hands. But okay…you want to give it a go let me give you some help.

What, specifically, shouldn’t I do if I am confused by the SF-86?

Don’t just start filling in blanks without reading the directions thoroughly.
Don’t put down answers because you think that is what the government wants to hear.
Don’t skip questions.

Okay…now you know what you shouldn’t do….

What, specifically, should I do if I am confused by the SF-86?

Provide additional information! When you are filling out a form like the SF-86, it is easy to think it is like a Scantron. You can only write the answers in the spaces provided, but that is just not the case. In addition to the “additional space” provided at the very end for questions 11, 12, and 13, you can always add your own paper. That’s right folks, you can add more paper to this lengthy form.

What should you write to explain, “I am confused by the SF-86?”

Take an additional piece of paper at note the question. Then, in narrative form, explain why you are confused or uncertain. Explain how you see the question being asked and how you interpreted it.

Better than that is to be proactive. Ask someone who knows a great deal about the SF-86 and who isn’t confused by it one bit. Ask for help from an attorney, like those at the Edmunds Law Firm.

Justice Building

When Do I Need A Security Clearance Lawyer?

Do not wait! Do not wait! Do not wait to get a security clearance lawyer! Can I make it any clearer? When you need security clearance, the process starts with you being asked to fill out a Standard Form 86 (SF86). If you are on this site, you may have already seen this ungodly document. It is seventeen pages long and it is going to ask you about every aspect of your life. If my livelihood depended upon this one seventeen page document, you know what I would do? Get a security clearance lawyer.

Why do I need a Security Clearance lawyer?

First off they are going to instruct you on some basics of filling out the forms. These are kindergarten level; yet, many miss step and fail at this simple task.

  1. Complete your SR86 accurately.
  2. Complete your SR86 fully.
  3. Complete your SR86 truthfully.

Even at this basic level, having a security clearance lawyer there to read over your SR86 is invaluable to your accuracy, your completeness, and your honesty. The problem is that you don’t want to read this monster carefully. You just want it to be done. You just want this entire investigation to be done. Your security clearance lawyer has read t his document more times than they would like to admit and knows it inside and out. They can help you.

What happens if I don’t get a security clearance lawyer up front?

Sometimes nothing happens. However, if you mess up, even once, and don’t provide enough information or don’t state information in a particular way, you are going to wind up having to defend a Statement of Reasons (SOR). To be honest, you may have to anyway…lawyers aren’t gods…even though they would like to think so sometimes. That SOR lists reasons why you should have gotten a security clearance lawyer in the first place. They are reasons why your security clearance is not going through.  Don’t wait until you are handed your SOR, do the right thing, protect your livelihood to the best of your ability, and hire a good, seasoned security clearance lawyer to assist you in your SF86. The attorneys at Edmunds Law Firm fit that bill!


Department of Defense Statement of Reasons: What are they looking for?

If you are trying to get a security clearance with the Department of Defense and you received a Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, you need legal help, immediately. Up front, you don’t want to go at this alone. We, at the Edmunds Law Firm, know this. We know about the Department of Defense Statement of Reasons we know what you are going through and we know what the Department of Defense is looking for.

Your Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, listed guidelines that were of concern. They may be financial problems, they may be psychological problems, it may be that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend trying to get their citizenship. It may be a big issue, it may be, in your eyes, minuscule. Regardless the Department of Defense Statement of Reasons must be dealt with and a response constructed.

What are they looking for in my Department of Defense Statement of Reasons?

When you receive the list of issues and the guidelines that these life events fall into, the Department of Defense adjudicator is going to look into and consider some factors. What are they, you ask?

  1. The nature, extent, and seriousness of the conduct;
  2. The circumstances surrounding the conduct, including your knowing participation;
  3. How often and how recent the conduct happened;
  4. Your age and maturity at the time of the conduct;
  5. Whether or not your participation was voluntary;
  6. Whether you were rehabilitated or made permanent life changes;
  7. Your motivation behind the conduct;
  8. The potential for you being pressured, coerced, or put under duress;
  9. Whether or not the conduct is likely to recur;

In your response to the Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, you need to address each conduct issue with these factors in mind. That is why it is so important to have adequate representation. They can look at your issues with a rational eye. They can present a case to the Department of Defense that may be hard for you to see because you are embroiled in the mess of having your life put under the microscope. Don’t go at this alone. If you receive a Department of Defense Statement of Reasons, call Edmunds Law Firm today and get the help you need.

Appeal for a Security Clearance – Illegal Drug Use

OCT 10, 2014

The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable decision on an Administrative Security Clearance Hearing that was tried by Attorney Alan Edmunds for the Firm. Attorney Edmunds has a global reputation for success in helping both civilian and military clients who have received notice of a denied National Security Clearance. The Edmunds Law Firm has offices coast to coast and appears in formal security clearance hearings in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

This case involved a woman who was denied for using marijuana on 2 occasions, and also used marijuana while possessing a security clearance.

The case was very aggressively fought by the gov’t atty. Mr. Edmunds introduced evidence and called witnesses showing that the concerns of the gov’t were mitigated. This was a case that Mr. Edmunds was proud to have been involved with because of the outstanding work performance of his client and her
sincere testimony in court.

If you have an Appeal for a Security Clearance matter call Mr. Edmunds. His experience and record of success is an important advantage ! Call 800 481 2526

Formal Hearing at DOHA


The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision following a Formal Hearing at DOHA in a national security clearance matter. Attorney Alan Edmunds handled this contested Hearing. The case involved over 16 debts that the applicant had that arose from a difficult period in his life. Attorney Edmunds introduced evidence including numerous documents and testimony which the judge found to be sufficient to mitigate the gov’t concerns.

This case was special due to the large number of debts! Attorney Alan Edmunds had a strategy for the clients dilemma of passed due debts. The Hearing was very contested and the gov’t attorney was very aggressive in their cross examination of the applicant. The case is posted on the DOHA web site for your review.

Mr. Edmunds has often been referred to as “The Best Security Clearance Attorney” in the Country by clients. There is no question Mr Edmunds fights hard for his clients. If you need help or have questions call Attorney Alan Edmunds at 800 481 2526