Appeal for a Security Clearance – Illegal Drug Use

OCT 10, 2014

The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable decision on an Administrative Security Clearance Hearing that was tried by Attorney Alan Edmunds for the Firm. Attorney Edmunds has a global reputation for success in helping both civilian and military clients who have received notice of a denied National Security Clearance. The Edmunds Law Firm has offices coast to coast and appears in formal security clearance hearings in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

This case involved a woman who was denied for using marijuana on 2 occasions, and also used marijuana while possessing a security clearance.

The case was very aggressively fought by the gov’t atty. Mr. Edmunds introduced evidence and called witnesses showing that the concerns of the gov’t were mitigated. This was a case that Mr. Edmunds was proud to have been involved with because of the outstanding work performance of his client and her
sincere testimony in court.

If you have an Appeal for a Security Clearance matter call Mr. Edmunds. His experience and record of success is an important advantage ! Call 800 481 2526

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Formal Hearing at DOHA


The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision following a Formal Hearing at DOHA in a national security clearance matter. Attorney Alan Edmunds handled this contested Hearing. The case involved over 16 debts that the applicant had that arose from a difficult period in his life. Attorney Edmunds introduced evidence including numerous documents and testimony which the judge found to be sufficient to mitigate the gov’t concerns.

This case was special due to the large number of debts! Attorney Alan Edmunds had a strategy for the clients dilemma of passed due debts. The Hearing was very contested and the gov’t attorney was very aggressive in their cross examination of the applicant. The case is posted on the DOHA web site for your review.

Mr. Edmunds has often been referred to as “The Best Security Clearance Attorney” in the Country by clients. There is no question Mr Edmunds fights hard for his clients. If you need help or have questions call Attorney Alan Edmunds at 800 481 2526

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Response To Statement of Reasons

The Edmunds Law Firm is this country’s leading provider for Responses to Statement of Reasons (SOR) on a national level. Attorney Edmunds appears across the country and posts his case victories on the law firm web sites for client review.

The Response to Statement of Reasons is very important. The Edmunds Law Firm can win the clearance at this early stage and does on many occasions.  Visit our websites to review cases won with just the Response.

Attorney Edmunds is aggressive in saving careers and client employment.
His experience and knowledge makes the difference.  Call 800 481 2526

Recent Favorable Decisions

Security Clearance
Department of the Navy: Response to Statement of Reasons
Guideline F
June 10, 2013

Applicant, an honorably discharged Navy veteran and loyal United States Citizen, was issued a Statement of Reasons due to serious financial considerations including bankruptcy, past due payments, collections and judgments totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. The Edmunds Law Firm, through a written response to the Statement of Reasons, mitigated the government’s concerns with Applicant’s financial considerations by proving the financial debts were caused by circumstances outside Applicant’s control. The favorable decision resulted in the Applicant’s security clearance being reinstated.

Security Clearance
DOHA: Reapplication Brief
Guidelines D and E
June 3, 2013

Applicant was issued a Statement of Reasons for government’s concerns regarding his sexual behavior and personal conduct. For six years, Applicant viewed adult pornographic material on government computers while working for a government agency. When Applicant’s security clearance revocation was upheld after a hearing, attorney Alan Edmunds of the Edmund’s Law Firm successfully mitigated the government’s concerns in a reapplication brief. The favorable decision provided Applicant with Top Secret security clearance eligibility.

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Number One DOHA Lawyer

Clients from around the world rely on Attorney Alan V. Edmunds with The Edmunds Law Firm for cases that involve security clearances. Attorney Edmunds is the #1 lawyer in the DOHA system  on a national basis.  His team of professionals travel around the globe helping both active duty and civilian clients from all types of industries.

Mr. Edmunds, frequently called, the DOHA lawyer, can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Services include: SF86 preparation, polygraph preparation, Responses to SOR, formal hearings and appeals.  If you want the #1 team in the country on your side, call The Edmunds Law Firm at 1-800-481-2526.

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Hard Fought DOHA Hearing

There are some cases that stand out because of their facts . I recently received notice of another VICTORY resulting from a formal DOHA Hearing held in Arlington, VA.  The case is memorable because my client was an Active duty MAJ in the Air Force. He had been dating and living with a woman from Japan. She actually worked with the gov’t in Japan.

The case was litigated aggressively and testimony, evidence and military records were all introduced by me into evidence. This was a Foreign Influence case – Guideline B under   under DoD 5220.6  – I love these cases !!  I build my reputation on my courtroom battles !

My client did well on the witness stand and our Trial Notebook was fantastic.  Our evidence in mitigation was accepted by the court and the judge agreed with my closing arguments. Another career was saved and my client received new orders to an important assignment.

My law firm, The Edmunds Law Firm, helps active duty deployed around the globe. WE know issues of military members relative to applications for a National Security Clearance.. Call me anytime with your questions, 800 481 2526 or visit

Your career is important – don’t trust it to an inexperienced lawyer !! I have over 25 years of experience and travel the globe for my clients.

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Top Secret Security Clearance

There are three levels of Security Clearance, with the highest level being Top Secret Security Clearance. Secret Clearance and Confidential Clearance are the other levels of security clearance. To be eligible for a US security clearance you have to be a United States citizen.

Individuals holding top secret security clearance usually have access to secret information that can potentially cause great damage to the US national security if it was released without prior authorization. This security clearance level needs to be re-investigated once at every five years when the individual will submit an updated security package and another background investigation will be conducted.

A top secret security clearance allows a person filling a specific job position to have access to classified national security information up to top secret clearance so long as the person has a need to know the information.

Security Clearance ApplicationsVarious reasons exist for if someone will be issued a top secret security clearance. The most important factors in an investigation are the key aspects of the individual’s life, individual’s character, the completion of their security clearance forms, especially Standard Form 86 (SF86), the Questionnaire for National Security Positions.

If you are denied a security clearance, or your eligibility to have access to top secret information is revoked, you will be notified a “Statement of Reasons” and be provided with the procedures for filing an security clearance appeal. This is good time to contact a proven security clearance denial lawyer that can help.

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TS / SCI Security Clearance

Many jobs with the gov’t and DOD contractors require a special security clearance. The TS/SCI is a Top Secret Clearance with Sensitive Compartmentalized Information access. The Edmunds Law Firm helps both military and civilian who need this clearance but are rejected by the gov’t. A security clearance appeal can be filed and Attorney Edmunds is a security clearance appeal lawyer . Our law firm offersguidance each step of the application process and thru the appeal.

Top Secret File

Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) clearance is a grade of Security Clearance in the United States DOD concerning classified intelligence sources or secret analytical processes. TS/SCI is an abbreviation that stands for Top Secret – Sensitive Compartmented Information. When “decompartmented,” this information is treated no differently than collateral information at the same classification level.

Call 800-481-2526 or Contact Us Today.

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Experienced DOHA Lawyer

Attorney Alan Edmunds is often referred to as the “DOHA Lawyer” because of his volume of cases and his experience with DOHA across the country. No attorney handles as many cases in as many different states than the Edmunds Law Firm. Our experience is a matter of record on our web sites and the DOHA site. If you have a security clearance case before DOHA – don’t trust your career to anyone but attorney Alan Edmunds. Call 800 481 2526 for experience and performance you can count on and visit our web sites for case reviews.

DOHA stands for “The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals” and is the largest part of the Defense Legal Services Agency. DOHA conducts hearings and issues decisions in security clearance cases for contractor personnel doing classified and top secret work for the US Department of Defence  and 20 other Federal Agencies and Departments.


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Security Clearance Appeal

When an applicant is denied a security clearance a written notice is often received. This is notice of your right to Appeal the initial denial by the government of the security clearance application.

The Edmunds Law Firm is known nationally for their outstanding work and success with Appeals. Attorney Alan Edmunds helps clients with Appeals across the entire United  States. The law firm has offices coast to coast. Clients quickly find that our experience makes a huge difference and often another career is saved when Alan Edmunds takes the case. There are two levels of Appeals that are very important. Call us at 800 481 2526 for professional help your career demands.

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California Security Clearance Lawyer

The Edmunds Law firm continues to handle more security clearance cases across the United States than any other law firm. In California – Alan Edmunds is a California Security Clearance Lawyer who travel from Sacramento to San Diego on behalf of client , both civilian and military.

Mr Edmunds post favorable decisions almost weekly on his web sites. He also features helpful videos on youtube at no cost to the public.

If your career is important – call 800 481 2526.

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